This document describes the concept of Collections and the steps to create a new collection.


Collections are templates for creating various items with the same layout and structure. You can create collections for blog posts, support and help articles, contacts, events, or anything else you want to have in an identical series. For each collection, it is possible to set several data fields applicable to each collection item.

How to Create a New Collection

  1. Access Collections from the Dashboard Left Panel and start creating a new collection:

    The Details section contains fields for providing information about the given collection: Name and URL.
    The Name field differentiates the given collection from the ones in the list. At a later stage, when displaying the collection on a page, this field is available as a widget under the appropriate group.
    The collection URL is autogenerated, and it is mandatory to add an Alias manually.

    The Form Fields section contains several data field types to set for the collection. The selection of field types depends on the item content as these fields become available to fill in when creating the Collection Items. When displaying the collections and collection items, all the chosen field types become accessible to use as widgets.

  2. Access and choose the required data field types by clicking the + New Form Field button.

    • Number - use this type to add numerical values.

    • Text - use this type to add short texts, for example, an article title or event name.

    • Gallery - use this type to add pictures to display as a gallery.

    • Rich Text - use this type for long body texts, as it supports text styles, formatting, etc.

    • Url - use this type to reference a web resource.

    • Image - use this type to add a picture.

    • Dropdown - use this type to make a dropdown list of suitable options.

    • Date - use this type to add dates.

      You can edit the default Field Label and add a description for each data type in the Supporting Texts field. It is also possible to set the minimum and maximum numbers of characters for the Number, Text, and Rich Text field types. For the Dropdown field type, it is mandatory to create Dropdown Options.

      To discard or save all the changes to a field, use the cross or check symbol available on the field type.
      Change the field order by just dragging and dropping them as preferred.
      It is possible to edit or delete a field by hovering over it and using the displayed buttons accordingly.
      If any field type is a must to fill in for the items of the given collection, activate the Required toggle.

  3. Click the Save button.
    After saving, the message "Changes have been saved." appears on the screen.
    The saved collection appears in a list on the Collections Board.


Once you have created a collection, you can add items to the collection as described in the Items article. Read how to use the existing collections in the article How to Display Collections and Collection Items.

Collections Board

The Collections Board displays the list of existing collections, indicating their names, creation dates, and times.

The board also comprises:

  • + New Collection - creates a new collection.
  • Search Bar - searches for the relevant collections.
  • Sort by Button - sorts the collections according to the preferred alphabetical order or creation status.

To edit or delete one of the existing collections, double-click or hover over it and use the Dotted Menu.

To delete several collections, check them and click the Delete button.


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