This document describes collection items and the steps to create them in the existing collections.


The Collection Items are independent units within a collection with the same structure and layout set for the collection. The content text format and images can be specific to each Item, but the layout of all the items within a collection is identical. It enables reusing the template layout of an already created collection for creating such items as news articles, blog posts, events, etc., without having to create a new one each time.

How to Create a New Collection Item

  1. Access the Items section from the Dashboard Left Panel and start creating a new collection item:

  2. Choose one of the available collections you have previously created in the Collections section.

  3. Fill in the available fields.
    The Name field differentiates the item from the ones in the list. At a later stage, when displaying the item on a page, this field is available as a widget under the appropriate group.
    The Item URL is autogenerated, and it is mandatory to add an Alias manually.

All the other fields available for the Item are the Form Fields set and named when creating the chosen collection. If you want to add another field or make a field not required, edit the field types for the given collection.

If the Item has an Image or Gallery field type, you can upload the images from your website gallery, computer, free stock, or provide the image URL.

  1. Click the Save button.
    After saving, the message "Changes have been saved." appears on the screen.
    All the saved items appear in the Items list on the Collection Items Board.


Read how to use the existing items in the article How to Display Collections and Collection Items.

Collection Items Board

The Collection Items Board displays the list of existing items, indicating their names, creation dates, and times.

The board also comprises:

+ New Collection - creates a new collection.
To edit an existing Item from the list, double-click it. You can also edit or delete any Item by hovering over it and using the Dotted Menu.


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