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This document describes the Dashboard Main Panel displaying key performance indicators sorted in different sections that help visualize the executive metrics of the business and monitor the data in one place.


After registration and onboarding, you can create your project and get access to the Dashboard Main Panel of the project. The Dashboard Main Panel allows you to track the critical metrics and have a complete view of your business. Each project has a unique dashboard main panel consisting of configurable panels and features to organize and view the data systematically.

Image 1. Dashboard

The Dashboard Main Panel displays three sections: Total Sales, Abandoned Checkouts, and Recent Orders. The Filters are also available to enable you to apply a set of values to narrow the results down.

Total Sales

This section displays a chart of sales income for the indicated period. You can monitor the number of purchases made on your project and the total amount generated from the sales. It helps you observe how your sales and business vary and evolve within a specific time frame.

Image 2. Total Sales

Abandoned Checkouts

This section includes a chart demonstrating the number of customers who have not completed the purchase at any step of the checkout flow for the indicated period. This data is helpful for tracking the checkouts over time, understanding your customers' behavior, gathering marketing information on the customers, and remarketing to abandoned checkout customers. You can also configure the settings to send email reminders to the customers after some interval when your market research is over, and additional options are available for the customers to come back and finish checkout. The chart also displays the number of recovered checkouts.

Image 3. Abandoned Checkouts

Recent Orders

This section provides an overview of your recent orders displaying them with the newest-first-logic for the period set by the filters. You can monitor detailed data on the selected orders:

  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Customer's Full Name
  • Payment Status
  • Fulfillment Status
  • Item Quantity
  • Price

This list helps you quickly navigate to a particular order page for order management.

Image 4. Recent Orders


The Filters in the upper right corner of the Dashboard Main Panel allow you to filter the results by setting a fixed timeframe using the date range filter and predefined periods.
You can also break the filtered results of Total Sales and Abandoned Checkouts down and observe them per hour, day, week, month, and year.

Image 5. Filters


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