Page Layout Settings


This document describes the structure and the performance of the Page Layout Settings section.


The Page Layout Settings section enables you to create and modify the layout structure of your pages without referring to them. Once modified, you can view the design of your page through the Layout Preview.

To handle the page structure, press the Page Layout Settings on the Visual Editor Left Panel.

This unit comprises:

  • Layout - configures the Headers and Footers of the webpage. The Layout Preview showcases each change made in the Layout section.
  • Navigation Mode (Header, Footer) - key elements of a website containing URLs to essential pages on your website that potential customers often visit before making a purchase or inquiry.
  • Sidebar - indicates the positioning of the sidebar.
  • Layout Preview - presents the structure of your page.
  • Background - sets the Background parameters based on your design requirements.
  • + Sign - adds up to five background colors or images.
  • Visibility - activates/deactivates the existing backgrounds.

Adding an opacity will display the layers according to the "From Top to Bottom" hierarchy.

  • Bin - deletes the colors.


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