This document describes the products section, the steps to create products, product variants, and how to import and export products.


Products are all digital, physical goods, subscriptions, gift cards, etc., you sell and provide to your customers. Create new products from scratch, or have them imported from other platforms. You can organize, view, and update your products and product variants, describe them and provide specific information and images in the Products section.

Products Board

The Products Board displays the list of existing products with brief information about the products in the inventory. It helps easily monitor the data, get a broad overview of the store, stay updated, and quickly access any product to make the necessary changes.

To edit or delete an existing product, hover over a product from the list and use the Dotted Menu.

The board also comprises:

  • + New Product - enables the creation of a new product offering a list of product types to choose from.
  • Search Bar - searches for the relevant products.
  • Filter Button - helps display only the products of the preferred status: All, Active, or Draft.
  • Sort by Button - sorts the products according to the preferred alphabetical order or creation status.
  • Export Button - allows exporting all the products as CSV and XLS files.
  • Import Button - allows importing products by uploading CSV and XLS files.

How to Create a New Product and Variants for that Product

To create a new product, take the following steps:

  1. Click the +New Product button.

  2. Choose one of the available product types: physical, digital, subscription provided by default, or created previously as product families.

    • Physical Product - Physical Products include apparel, merchandise, and all the physical goods sold and shipped to the client.

    • Digital Product - Digital Products or E-Goods are intangible commodities only in digital form, for example, online articles, e-books, downloadable music, etc.

    • Subscription Product - Subscription is a business model requiring a client to pay a recurring fee for accessing a product or service at set time frames.
      Choosing an existing product family enables the usage of all the attributes and attribute groups assigned to the given product family: thus, it is possible to generate variants for the product using configurable attributes assigned to the product family.

  3. Fill in the Details fields: Name, SKU, Number in stock, Description. Category and Brand.
    Set the price and make the product visible, activating the appropriate toggle if necessary.

  4. Add media by choosing an image from your website or uploading a new one.

  5. Add and manage product variants, activating the toggle "This product has variants, like size or color."
    Following the activation of the toggle, the variants board appears, displaying the list of variants with detailed information and the attributes assigned to each. The list includes all the possible product variants generated by the configurable attributes.

    The board also comprises:

    • Search Bar - searches for the relevant variants.
    • Sort by Button - sorts the variants according to the variant selected from the dropdown list.
    • Manage Variants - allows managing variants by choosing the attribute options to be assigned.
      To generate the required variants click the Manage Variants button, select the attribute, and choose the necessary options.

    It is possible to make changes to each variant separately. To modify the quantity, price, or image, select the necessary variant or variants from the list to access the action panel and take the required step.

    You can also change the quantity or price of a variant directly on the variant board.

  6. Fill in the shipping data. The field for weight is a mandatory one.

  7. Fill in the fields for the linked products, if any.

  8. Fill in the fields for SEO.

  9. Click the Save button in the upper right corner.

How to Import Products

Besides creating a new product, it is also possible to import products by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Import button.

  2. Choose one of the available product types.

  3. Upload or drag and drop CSV and XLS files.

  4. Complete the steps of mapping, importing, and finish the process.

  5. Click the Save button.

How to Export Products

You can easily export all your products via CSV or XLS files by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Export button.

  2. Choose the file type on the pop-up.

  3. Click the Export button on the pop-up.


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